Proceedings of The International Conference on Economics and Business Conference is the output of The International Conference on Economics and Business Conference (IECON) which is an Annual International Conference organized by Faculty Economics and Business, Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar. IECON seeks to provide opportunities for participants, particularly lecturers and students affiliated with the Faculty of Economics and Business at Muhammadiyah University of Makassar, to disseminate ideas and research findings and expand their professional networks. IECON was aimed at providing a deeper understanding of the topics that we addressed, such as management, accounting, economics, Islamic economics, and taxes.

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): International Economics and Business Conference

Published: 2023-07-07

Systematic Review: The Effectivity of Sustainability Reporting on Firm Value

Andi Arjuni K., Arifuddin Arifuddin, Syamsuddin Syamsuddin, Ratna Ayu Damayanti


Determinants of Poverty in Surakarta

Asida Wahyu Hidayat; Nur Hidayah


The Effect of Professional Skepticism and Information Technology on Auditors Performance

Asrini Asrini, Arifuddin Arifuddin, Andi Kusumawati, Asri Usman


Determinants of Educated Unemployment in West Jawa Province in 2017-2021

Aziza Retnamning Bahira, Winny Perwithosuci, Anisa Riski Apriani


The Portrait of Good Governance in the Framework of Religious and Cultural Philosophy

Ferry Christian, Abdul Hamid Habbe, Syarifuddin Rasyid


Global Business Process Outsourcing Development and Its Impact Toward Indonesia

Julius Jilbert, Mahlia Muis, Andi Reni, Muhammad Rifai, Andi Ratna Sari Dewi


Muzara’ah Contract of Farmer Perspective

Khalishah Ulfah, Muryani Arsal


Audit Delay and Its Determining Factors

Lulu Ariandi Saputra, Riza Praditha, Siti Nur Reskiyawati Said


Factors Influencing SME Financing: Case in Indonesian Islamic Bank

Mahmada Azmi Maulida, Nur Hidayah, Imron Rosyadi


Learning Agility of Human Resources at State-owned Banks in the City of Makassar

Megawaty Megawaty, Vira Fenita Mahmuddin, Hendriadi Hendriadi


Analysis of the Utilization of Village Fund Allocation (ADD) in Botto Village Pitu Riase District Sidenreng Rappang Regency

Muhammad Nurul Fikri, Adinda Aulia Salsabila, Jasmiati Jasmiati, Arfianty Arfianty, Sariana Damis


Factors Affecting Investment: Case in Central Java

Muhammad Ruswensa Maha Putra, Nur Hidayah


Priority of Agricultural Sub-Sector Development Increasing Economic Growth in Sidenreng Rappang Regency

Rahmani Rahmani, Tri Rezki Aulia, Nurhikma Tasri, Sri Wardhany Ali


Corporate Governance and Investment Efficiency: The Mediating Effect of Earnings Quality

Robert Jao, Fransiskus Randa, Anthony Holly, William Jose Sutadji


The Design of Tourism Marketing for Maudu Lompoa through Social Engagement in Cikoang Takalar Regency, Indonesia

Sirajuddin Nasir, Hikmah Hikmah, Rilfan Kasi Rante Ta’dung, Andi Batary Citta


Content Creators in the Digital Era (5.0): Phenomena and Its Benefits

Uci Widya Astuti, Hikmah Hikmah , Guntur Suryo Putro, Arfiany Arfiany, Nurhidayanti Nurhidayanti


Determinant Performance of Tax Examiners in KPP Pratama South Sulawesi

Ulfa Rabiyah, Kartini Hanafi, Andi Kusumawati, Aini Indrijawati


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